Summer 2016


5101 Days

In a small house in Newport Beach, I lived three months of my summer alongside nine other crazy #misknits. In-between wave jumping, sunset chasing and Taco Tuesday's, we spent our 9-5's interning with Krochet Kids International.

Through this company we were encouraged and inspired to do good, well and often. Krochet Kids is a lifestyle company committed to empowering women in Uganda and Peru to rise above poverty. In an industry filled with brokenness and too many companies putting products over people, they are leading the path to change and refusing to choose the shortcuts. Check them out.

This story and that summer are hugely about Krochet Kids, but it is equally about those nine other go-ers and do-ers I called my housemates. Somewhere between sharing two bathrooms and carpooling to work every day, we became not only friends and bunkmates, but also encouragers of each other's dreams. These women are fierce and are already using their gifts to impact their communities. I am inspired daily by the way they live their lives.

Below are some pictures from our simple life as beach bums. I think we would all agree we were "living our best life."


^This last picture is thanks to Mikaela Mulhall & self timer.