London + Everywhere


A flat in south kensington

I studied abroad back in 2015. Home was a flat in South Kensington, London shared with 11 other girls and our house parents, aka our professors who we adored. To be honest, it felt a little like our own version of Madeline. Four months that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

My weekdays were spent roaming through art galleries, learning everything there was to know about the likes of creatives, such as Monet and Seurat, studying the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle and learning the ins and outs of city planning and revitalization. I have never felt so immersed in my studies as I did walking around London town. The city itself is so dynamic that it would take years to see it all. Walking through this city’s streets helped me gain a greater insight into my passions and a clearer direction to drive my creativity. 

Alongside London itself, my community there was rock solid. The girls I lived with and the friends I made shed light on the glorious goodness of what it means to live life together. Between mornings gathered around the kitchen table to hiking mountains in Norway, simple lessons were learned around mass amounts of laughter and silent moments of deep raw prayer for each other and the world. I could not imagine my four months abroad without them. 

With my people, I experienced a lot of places, and by a lot I truly mean that. My weekends were spent here, there and everywhere. From the England coastlines to the bustling streets of Paris and all the way up to the winding fjords of Norway, over 25 cities in total.

These side trips fueled my excitement to travel and taught me some valuable life lessons to accompany my scholarly ones. I would never be able to cover all the stories and places extensively, so for the sake of time, below is a list of 11 of those lessons and the places and circumstances in which I learned them.