This site is the home of images, designs and stories created by me — Charis Nichols. I am a storyteller at heart, an adventure goer on occasion and a photo dabbler somewhere in between. More of me can be found below, but for now, see the pictures and read the stories and if they peak your interest — let's meet, I'd love to hear your story over a cup of coffee or a shared mountain trail. Cheers.




I’m a Tennessee native residing in Denver, Colorado in pursuit of closer peaks and dreams — and to be with my people.

A sneak peak into who I am can be found by reading up on Enneagram 9 and StrengthFinders strengths — Maximizer and Strategic.

I thrive on three key elements: community, adventure, and strategic design. Most of my greatest lessons learned took place on foreign mountain tops and local waves with key people in my life. For this reason — I am passionate about getting humans out in nature with community through my love for photography and branding, which can be found at Knee Deep Creative Co.

The whole of who I am is my ongoing redemption story with Jesus Christ and is the reason I pursue the passions and projects that make up my days.

Those things pump you up as well? Let’s meet up — I’d love to hear about it and be a part of the difference you are creating here on earth.



I am a firm believer that an adventure is only as good as the company tagging along. I have gotten the privilege to go on a handful of adventures accompanied by friends I just met and others with the ones who know me best. This space holds the stories and snapshots of those shared journeys. 



Mountains are beautiful and sunsets keep me paused in awe, but capturing people will always be my favorite. 



A collection of passion projects, collaborations, print productions and a little bit more.