Samford Study Abroad

Role - Market Research, Marketing Strategist

My junior year of college I studied abroad in London through a unique opportunity Samford University offers. When I got back and found out the percentage of students who do not take advantage of our study abroad opportunities, it shocked me. I wanted more people to have my experience.

After conversations with my University’s marketing director, the study abroad office, our business school research center and my journalism professor I decided to devote two portions of my senior work towards advancing the engagement and enrollment in Samford’s study abroad programs. I spent August through December on market research and then February through May on implementing that research through developing a social media marketing plan to present to the study abroad department at the end of the year.

The plan focused heavily on experiential storytelling through student testimonials and current trips promotion to boost exposure and communication between students and the study abroad office.

As an example of how these concepts could play out, myself and a classmate created a mock Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to express the overall feel of the strategy.

Below are snapshots of those concepts and an in-depth study can be found here.

Note: Since the time this research was conducted and the plan constructed, all three media channels have changed in dramatic ways. I believe in staying up-to-date on social trends and restructuring your marketing plans to meet those changes.