The Life Giving List

Role - Creator, Designer, Word Writer, Life liver

Better known as @thelgl on Instagram, I created this account more as a personal project than anything else. About 5 years ago I was in the midst of a transitional season and I found that I was far from my roots. I wasn’t joyful and I had no motivation to do anything. About two months of this and I was ready for a change so every morning before I even peaked at my phone or talked to anyone I sat on the back porch and jotted down in my baby pocket moleskin atleast one thing, moment, or person that brought me life from the day before. This small rhythm of my day stuck through the years and it continues to make all the difference in my life.

So cheers to the moments that make your heart skip a beat, your vocal cords burst with a sound only you can make, and the people and places that have impacted you in ways no words can ever express. Cheers to abundant life.


Instrength Consulting

Role - Brand Strategist and Designer

InStrength Consulting partners with individuals and small to mid-sized companies in reaching both their short and long term goals through a customized, personal three step approach focused on discovering your identity, uncovering opportunities for growth, and defining your purpose as a roadmap for your business.

When setting out to rebrand, we wanted to tap into the goals and values of both Instrength and their audience. Confidence, trust, and rooted identity were our identified key points to represent in the brand. Balancing both experience with the personable, relational approach of the firm was important. We wanted to create a visual brand that fully embodies who Instrength was while setting them apart from the average coaching and consulting firms.


The Local Magazine

Role - Print Managing Editor, Contributing Writer

In this position I worked in the "big picture" realm as well as the nitty gritty detail side of designing a magazine. I spent my time pouring over layouts, fonts, colors, commas, stories, picas, pixels and everything in-between. Alongside the editor-in-chief, I created a strategy for two issues of the Local, a student-run city magazine, and lead the production from idea to print.

The vision for these two issues was a focus on the people who are contributing to the story being told by Birmingham today. While both issues met this vision, in the second issue we pushed outside our boxes and the industry’s boxes of what stories are worth telling and we redefined that for ourselves and others. The second issue contains words from ground’s keepers, pastors, zoo keepers, tattoo artists and more. As a team, we are thankful for the time we got to spend with these people and the hours spent creating a space for their voices to be heard.

Below are a small glimpse of the Local, If you would like to see a physical copy of both magazines, feel free to contact me.

Little fun note, the Ever Changing Canvas was one of my favorite stories to ever write. Half of the interview I conducted while getting my baby wave tattoo on my wrist. Waiting to write a story that beats that experience.


Samford Study Abroad

Role - Market Research, Marketing Strategist

My junior year of college I studied abroad in London through a unique opportunity Samford University offers. When I got back and found out the percentage of students who do not take advantage of our study abroad opportunities, it shocked me. I wanted more people to have my experience.

After conversations with my University’s marketing director, the study abroad office, our business school research center and my journalism professor I decided to devote two portions of my senior work towards advancing the engagement and enrollment in Samford’s study abroad programs. I spent August through December on market research and then February through May on implementing that research through developing a social media marketing plan to present to the study abroad department at the end of the year.

The plan focused heavily on experiential storytelling through student testimonials and current trips promotion to boost exposure and communication between students and the study abroad office.

As an example of how these concepts could play out, myself and a classmate created a mock Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to express the overall feel of the strategy.

Below are snapshots of those concepts and an in-depth study can be found here.

Note: Since the time this research was conducted and the plan constructed, all three media channels have changed in dramatic ways. I believe in staying up-to-date on social trends and restructuring your marketing plans to meet those changes.