Zion National Park


Three days in the park and miles on the road

Sometimes meeting friends where they're at means flying across the country to log some hours on trails, but mostly roads. My friend Molly had spent the summer working at Zion. She was in need of company for the drive back home in August so on a Thursday I found myself with three days to see as much of the park as possible and then it was off on the road heading East.

Early morning trails and front lawn afternoon naps were the rhythms of those days and I would not have had it any other way.

The drive back home included a short overnight in Flagstaff where we were blessed with racing to see the sunset with strangers and 6am syrup soaked waffles. The miles were marked by promises in the forms of rainbows and rainstorms, joy in the discovery of the 90's country playlist on Spotify and community found in an open home, hot bagels, and a dozen cookies for the road.

Best lessons learned on this trip: Just get out of bed, early morning hikes always. Leftover cold pizza makes the best trail food. Gilmore Girls is still good. Trying to traverse through Oklahoma tolls in the early AM's is hard. If you're not listening to 90's country while driving between Flagstaff and Albuquerque than you're missing out.